ABV Coconut Oil – CCC

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Medicinal Quality BUDGET “ABV” COCONUT OIL – CCC

* This Coconut Oil mixture is made with Organic “ABV” (Already Been Vaped) Cannabis Flowers.
* The cannabis flowers were used in a Volcano vaporiser only once, and then were gifted to CCC.
* We have infused this offering into cold-pressed virgin organic coconut oil in order to bring high-quality budget medicine to our members!

* This ABV Coconut Oil can be used in all of your baking!  It can be used on your toast, in your coffee, topically, or just eat a small bit any time you are in need.
* Generally found to be high in CBD, therefore the ABV Coconut Oil is good for pain relief with low psycho activity.
* Strong medicine, made with love!


15ml, 25ml, 75ml, 150ml


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