Bottom-of-Jar Shake

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Medicinal Quality BOTTOM-OF-JAR “SHAKE”

Our Bottom-of-Jar “Shake” includes all of the little bits that fall off of the flowers while they are stored in our glass jars (trichomes, red hairs, pieces of flowers, and “sweet leaf” / “sugar leaf”).

* Our Bottom-of-Jar “Shake” can be used in many ways!

  • Brew a cup of Tea, by itself or with additional herbs.  Good for pain relief, relaxation, and as an anti-inflammatory when brewed with hot water only.  Add cream, coconut oil, or milk to activate the psycho-active properties of THC.
  • Can be easily rolled into joints, or vaporized as-is!  Little to no grinding needed.
  • Can be infused into butter, coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, cacao butter, etc. for use in baking or as a topical ointment!

** All Bottom-of-Jar Shake currently available is from our BUDGET FLOWERS category.
** Strains currently available are listed in the drop-down menu.

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Alien OG (Hybrid – CCC), Alien Irene (Hybrid – CCC), Blue Cheese (Indica – CCC), Bubba Kush (Indica – CCC), California Sour (Hybrid – CCC), California Orange (Hybrid – CCC), Chem Fire (Hybrid – CCC), Chemo (Indica – CCC), Critical Bilbo (Hybrid – CCC), Death Star Bubba Kush (Indica – CCC), GBGC (Hybrid – CCC), Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid – CCC), God Bud (Indica – CCC), God Kush / Lasqueti (Indica – CCC), Ice Cream (Hybrid – CCC), King Tut / Tutankhamon (Sativa – CCC), MK Ultra (Indica – CCC), Mimosa (Hybrid – CCC), Nuken (Indica – CCC), OG Kush (Hybrid – CCC), Pink Kush (Indica – CCC), Pole Cat x Blueberry (Hybrid – CCC), Power Plant (Sativa – CCC), Purple Alien OG (Hybrid – CCC), Purple Kush (Indica – CCC), Rockstar (Indica – CCC), Skunk #1 (Sativa – CCC), Super Lemon Haze (Sativa – CCC), Trainwreck (Sativa – CCC), Watermelon (Indica – CCC), Wedding Cake Gelato #33 (Hybrid – CCC), White Castle (Hybrid – CCC), White Nightmare (Sativa – CCC), Budget Mix, BC Big Bud, Blue 840, Blue Dream x Green Cush, Bubba Kush, G-13, GBGC, Headband, King's Kush, Kush Bomb, Kush Mix, Pink Kush, Purple Kush, Purple Pain Killer, Romulan, Sensi Star, Sour Diesel, Sour Frapp x Banana Kush, Sour Kush, The Healer (CBD), Timewreck, Trainwreck, Crimson Crystal (Hybrid – Trim), Crimson Peak (Hybrid – Trim), God's Blue Cheese (Hybrid – Trim), God's White Lightning (Hybrid – Trim), Blue Lights (Indica – Trim), Blue Afghani (Indica – Trim), Blue City Diesel (Hybrid – Trim), Gorilla Glue #4 (Hybrid – Trim), Lost Coast OG Kush (Hybrid – Trim), Mt. Rainier (Hybrid – Trim), Master Kush (Indica – Trim), Purple Berry Skunk (Hybrid – Trim), White Berry OG (Hybrid – Trim), Ambrosia (Hybrid – Trim), East Coast Sour Diesel (Sativa – Trim), Blueberry (Indica – Trim), Pre-98 Bubba Kush (Indica – Trim), Blue Stomper (Indica – Trim), Triple Berry Pie (Hybrid – Trim), Strawberry Sour Diesel (Hybrid – Trim), California Orange (Hybrid – Trim), Pink Kush (Hybrid – Trim)


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