GBGC (Hybrid – Organic)

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GBGC – Hybrid
Pain relief, energy, focus, relaxation.  Stress relief, anti-depressant.  A “mental couch ride”.
Other names for this strain include: God Bud x Green Crack / God’s Green Crack / God Crack

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2 reviews for GBGC (Hybrid – Organic)

  1. AB

    one of my top 5 strains ever from this site. amazing night time appeal without being a THC bomb at the start (which is what i get from purple kush before the indica effect sets in). i’ve had the bargain batches and the normal $8 ones so i can imagine this $10 top shelf offering is some choice stuff.

  2. AF (verified owner)

    Strong but not too much couch lock. Leaves more kief in my grinder than any other strain.

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