** White Cookies (Hybrid – Organic)

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White Cookies – Hybrid
Chronic pain relief, relaxation, sleep aid.  Uplifting, euphoric.  Stress relief, anti-depressant, appetite aid.
Girl Guide Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies) x White Widow

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6 reviews for ** White Cookies (Hybrid – Organic)

  1. JP (verified owner)

    Not recommended. Tastes nothing like GG Cookies or White Widow. No high at all.

    ** CCC Note – We have reports from other members that they enjoy this strain very much, with some of them purchasing this strain repeatedly. We have also completed in-house testing after this comment was received. Every person in-house who tested this strain has reported a definite high, as well as the members who have given us feedback about it by email. Not all strains are good medicine for every person, but this strain has shown itself to be good medicine for many people. I hope JP can find strains that work well for them in the future.

  2. AB

    no idea AT ALL what the other review is on about…maybe a bad batch but i doubt it. i ordered quite a bit of this when it first showed up and it’s VERY effective. almost perfect as far as hybrids go, actually. a bit of an energy/creativity boost but also good for night time use.

    as for whether it “tastes like” GSC or WW – who cares? if it tasted like spoiled soy milk i’d still love the high. YMMV but i’m calling this strain a winner.

  3. MT (verified owner)

    Top Notch

  4. CC (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, one of myself and my common law’s favourite strains for sure!!

  5. PB (verified owner)

    Very Nice High! Super fast delivery!

  6. LL (verified owner)

    I have spend over $1500+ on this for the past year and it is one of the BEST PAIN RELIEVE weed possible out there, with minimal negative effects (search on Leafly.ca)

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