Zelly’s Gift (Hybrid – Budget)

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Zelly’s Gift – Hybrid
Daytime pain relief, relaxation, stress relief.  Uplifting, mind-clearing, spirit lifting.  High in THC-V (6%).
Body, Mind, and Spirit medicine.

840 (Mother) crossed with Jack Herer x Flo (Father)
DEM PURE Organic Certification

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2 reviews for Zelly’s Gift (Hybrid – Budget)

  1. DH (verified owner)

    Great product. Good medicinal qualities. Effective heavy indica feel, without the munchies. One of my favorite strains, budget quality is good.

  2. JG (verified owner)

    Intense pine aroma, not skunky at all. Smells like if you took a handful of pine needles and rubbed them in your hands.

    Unbelievably sticky nugs. All around good medicine.

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