Honey Tincture – THC


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* All natural, Organic Honey!  Ingredients: *Cannabis Extract (THC Distillate), *Honey, *MCT Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, *Love!     * = Organic
* This delicious Honey Tincture has 100mg THC infused into each 100ml jar.  Each teaspoon contains 5mg THC (1mg THC per ml).
* Good for pain relief, relaxation, euphoria, appetite aid, headache relief, etc.
* Great for use on toast, in tea, in sandwiches, or just enjoy it straight from a spoon!
** Store your Honey Tincture as you would any type of honey – it lasts forever!  Honey may crystallize eventually, but this will not diminish its potency.  Simply place the sealed jar in a hot water bath, remove and dry the jar, then stir the honey to re-liquify.