Twisty Blunt Glass Pipe


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* These Twisty Blunt Glass Pipes make smoking pleasurable and fun!
* Each Twisty Blunt is composed of a Pyrex glass outer tube (heat-resistant), brass “twisty” auger insert, and a plastic end cap for keeping your herbs fresh and contained between sessions.
* Twisty Blunts provide fresh hits every time.  Simply knock off the ash on the end and re-light!
* The length of the glass tube and the metal of the auger allows for cooling of the smoke before it hits your throat.  Every hit is fresh, cool, and enjoyable!
* Holds up to 1.5 grams of ground flowers or more, depending on how tightly you pack it.
* Each Twisty Blunt Pipe includes: Brass Auger, Glass Pipe Tube, Rubber Cap, Cleaning Brush, and Metal Poker (for clearing the holes in the mouthpiece).
** Directions for use: Remove the brass auger/corkscrew from the glass tube.  Place the rubber cap on one end, fill with ground flowers, then “twist” the auger into the flowers to fill the pipe.  Remove rubber cap and enjoy!
** For visual instructions, click here to watch a short instructional video.
** Click here to view a demonstration video and review. (CCC is not affiliated with the 420 Science Club, but this is a fun and instructional video!)

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