CBD Tincture for Pets


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* Ingredients: Cannabis CBD CO2 Extract (Hemp-Derived), Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, MCT Oil, Love!

** This CBD Pet Tincture must be stored in the refrigerator and used within 2-3 months (or until the smell becomes rancid).  Fish oil can expire quickly and must be kept cold.  Email us with any questions.

* Tinctures are a great way to offer CBD medicine to your favourite pets.
* This Pure CBD tincture is medicinally effective for Cats and Dogs who are suffering.  Relieves pain, seizures/spasms, anxiety, nausea, osteoarthritis, and lack of appetite.  May also be used to treat cancers and reduce tumour size.  Great for healthy skin and coat.
* The MCT Oil carrier helps the body to achieve full metabolic use of the cannabinoid compounds (very high Bio-Availability).
* Good for use for cats and dogs of all sizes and age groups.  Please remember to dose according to size of pet (weight by pound).  Any dosing questions should be directed to us via email (info@420meds.ca).

** Each 30ml bottle contains approximately 100mg of CBD 
(3.3mg CBD per ml / 0.17mg per drop).
** Each 60ml bottle contains approximately 200mg of CBD (3.3mg CBD per ml / 0.17mg per drop).

** This CBD Pure Oil is CO2-extracted.  It is Full-Spectrum, made from Organic Hemp flowers (trace THC content).  Actual percentages of cannabinoids in each bottle (1ml = 20 drops):
                           CBD – 10%
(3.33mg/ml)                   CBG – 0.11% (0.04mg/ml)
                           THC – 0.35%
(0.12mg/ml)               CBC – 0.3% (0.1mg/ml)
                           CBDV – 0.08% 
(0.03mg/ml)          CBN – 0.04% (0.013mg/ml)

** There are approx. 600 drops per 30ml Dropper Bottle.
** There are approx. 1200 drops per 60ml Dropper Bottle.
** Every 20 drops = 1ml (3.3mg CBD per ml / 0.17mg per drop).
** Keep refrigerated and use within 2-3 months. **

** Dosage for Pets = Up to One (1) Drop per pound weight of animal per day (0.17mg CBD per drop).  One drop per pound weight is a general dosage guide, though your pet may not need that much.  Variations and frequency of dosing may be required due to severity of condition.  Always start lower than the suggested dose (see dosage guide below) and increase to one (1) drop per pound only if necessary.  Monitor pet for abnormal behaviour such as disorientation, nausea, and/or distressing toilet habits (such as diarrhea).  If any of these symptoms occur, stop the dosing schedule and email us immediately (info@420meds.ca).


5 lbs
up to 3-5 drops
25 lbs
up to 20-25 drops
50 lbs
up to 40-50 drops
90 lbs
up to 74-90 drops
10 lbs
up to 6-10 drops
30 lbs
up to 24-30 drops
60 lbs
up to 48-60 drops
100 lbs
up to 82-100 drops
15 lbs
up to 12-15 drops
35 lbs
up to 28-35 drops
70 lbs
up to 56-70 drops
110 lbs
up to 90-110 drops
20 lbs
up to 16-20 drops
40 lbs
up to 32-40 drops
80 lbs
up to 66-80 drops
120 lbs
up to 98-120 drops

30ml Dropper Bottle (100mg CBD), 60ml Dropper Bottle (200mg CBD)


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