** East Coast Sour Diesel (Sativa – Non-Organic)

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East Coast Sour Diesel – Sativa
Strong daytime pain relief.  Concentration, stress relief, creativity.  Nausea relief, appetite aid.

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4 reviews for ** East Coast Sour Diesel (Sativa – Non-Organic)

  1. AB (verified owner)

    one of my top 3 sativas and a top strain in general. i’ve had at least 2 other batches from CCC over the years and even the budget one was amazing. super energetic and productive. good for an active day or general depression and lethargy.

  2. DC (verified owner)

    First off! not sure why I’ve been away from this awesome club for so long. The service and shipping is top notch for real and I’ve tried 30 dispensaries. Michelle is awesome. So anyway lol feeling nicely medicated. This Diesel is awesome! Gets you almost relaxed but upbeat and can definitely feel it in the eyes and it’s nice. The flower looks very nice with little bit of leave but I don’t care and smells like you’d think, pungent and fuely. The effects were gradual but I will say it’s potent. Very nice product and amazing service. I learn my lessen and this my only place now.

  3. DC (verified owner)

    Sorry! Also these pics are for real people! It all looks exactly as shown and that’s pretty cool!!!

  4. JH (verified owner)

    I second DC input, CCC is top notch I too have been around the web but I come back here because of their service and great product! Sales are fabulous too! I would recommend CCC to any person in the world. Also on a second. It’s East Coast Diesel is too. Its great smell and always seems to leave a good tip! Great taste also.

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