Freya’s Berry Rose Tincture

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All-Natural Organic Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa Flowers, Seasonal Wild Berries, Rose Tincture (local BC-made, food-grade), Raw Vanilla Root Powder, Grain Alcohol (food-grade), Love!
* Need to feel your medicine working fast?  Tinctures can bring relief almost instantly!
* Freya is the Nordic Goddess of Love, Feminine Beauty, and Seidr Magic (Ancient Shamanism).  Freya and her priestesses used spiritual plant medicines such as cannabis for divination and prophecy.
* This delicious, blissful tincture is energizing and uplifting, and helps to relieve pain.
* Made with Prayer and Song by Women in Vancouver, BC.
* Comes in a 30ml Bottle with Dropper.
** Oral Use Only **

  • Mild dose = 1/3 – 1/2 dropper
  • Moderate dose = 1 dropper
  • Heavy dose = 2-3+ droppers



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1 review for Freya’s Berry Rose Tincture

  1. AT (verified owner)

    I love the sentiment behind these tinctures and they are definitely soft and gentle. I took two droppers and the effect was just right. I am a bit of a lightweight and sensitive to everything. I have a tincture by a different company that I can only take one drop of due to the potency!! Not the case with these.

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