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Medicinal Quality FULL SPECTRUM COCONUT OIL – CannaMed

* Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Cannabis Indica Flowers, Lecithin, Love!
* Uses – Pain relief, Sleep Aid, Psoriasis, Eczema, Muscle Soreness, etc.
* Made using an extract of whole plant material infused into Avocado Oil.
* Available in a 5ml Aromatherapy Bottle.
** This Full Spectrum Oil is in an Avocado Oil base.  It can be used topically to treat any number of skin/muscle issues.  It can be taken orally, and it can be used for cooking/baking.  It is strong, a few drops go a long way.  The oil was made using an infusion of flowers into coconut oil, so has all of the benefits of the whole plant, therefore “Full Spectrum”.
**Can be used Orally or Externally**

  • Mild dose = 3-5 drops
  • Moderate dose = 6-9 drops
  • Heavy dose = 10+ drops

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