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** ONCE OUR CURRENT INVENTORY IS GONE, we are no longer going to stock these Gel Caps.  Email us for current 1:1 options.  Special orders may be able to be requested.

* These Gel Caps are made with size “0” gelatine capsules (non-vegan).
* Each Gel Cap contains 0.65ml of Hemp Oil infused with Resin (in mg amounts listed).

* These CBD:THC gelcaps can be taken anywhere, any time!  Discreet medicating at its finest!
* Great medicine, made with love!
** Strains are available if listed in the drop-down menu.


CBD (1:1 Ratio – CBD:THC), Cannatonic (1:1 Ratio – CBD:THC), Hayley's Comet (1:1 Ratio – CBD:THC), Hayley's Comet (2:1 Ratio – CBD:THC)


5mg Resin, 15mg Resin, 25mg Resin, 50mg Resin, 100mg Resin

1 review for Gel Caps – CannaMed – CBD:THC

  1. MI

    This is where it’s at for me. I got five of the Haley’s comet 5mg caps and this has helped me lately with depression and anxiety. I notice when I take one I feel more calm I feel more motivated to do something beneficial which has been a huge struggle for me lately. It doesn’t hit me crazy hard too which is exactly what I was searching for. The 5mg is actually the perfect dose for me because I am sensitive to thc so I’m happy I get both cbd and thc effects without my mind becoming too carried away. I’m glad I can use this here and there so discreet and easy to take. Everyone at CCC is also very nice and helped me make a small change with my order. Love this site it’s a go to for pure medicine.

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