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* These Hash Gel Caps are made with size “0” Vegan capsules (NOW brand “VCaps”).
* These were formerly called VG (Vegetable Glycerine) Gel Caps on our menu.  Same great medicine, better name!
* Each Gel Cap contains approx. 0.65ml of Vegetable Glycerine and Decarboxylated Ice Water Hash (a blend of several Indica strains).

* These Hash Gel Caps are a byproduct of the creation of the infusion used for our Vegetable Glycerine Tincture and our Gummies.
* These Hash Gel Caps can be taken anywhere, any time.  Discreet medicating at its finest!
* Great medicine, made with love!

*VG Gelcap Dosage Guide:

  • 1 = Low to Moderate Dose
  • 2 = Moderate to Medium Dose
  • 3+ = Heavy Dose
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1 Gel Cap – Indica Blend, 6 Gel Caps – Indica Blend (Pack)

1 review for Gel Caps – Hash

  1. SD (verified owner)

    Yeah they are good I am just not ‘into’ edibles that much prefer to smoke
    didn’t feel a high from them but they took the edge off when I ran out of weed
    and they did make me a bit horned up for a few days lol so couples pop a couple of these and chillllllllllll (*)

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