Green Dragon Tincture

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* Ingredients: Food-Grade Grain Alcohol (95%), Organic Cannabis Extracts, Love!
* Current strain: Pink Kush (Indica Hybrid)
* Contains 200mg THC (30ml bottle), or 400mg THC (60ml bottle).

* Need to feel your medicine working fast?  Tinctures can bring relief almost instantly!
* This strong alcohol-based tincture can be used any time of the day or night.  Effects will vary, though generally lower doses will yield energy and creativity, while higher doses will be uplifting, then may bring deep relaxation and/or sleep.
* This tincture is made with grain alcohol and is very strong-tasting!  There is no added flavouring in this product.
* Possible uses include (but are not limited to):

  • Spraying directly into the mouth.
  • Adding a few sprays to a drink or smoothie of any kind.
  • Spraying on food items (can be allowed to dry before consuming to reduce the taste of alcohol).

** Comes in a 30ml or 60ml Bottle with Spray Atomizer.
** Oral Use Only **


30ml (200mg THC), 60ml (400mg THC)

1 review for Green Dragon Tincture

  1. LH (verified owner)

    Cannot put into words how excellent this tincture is! Green Dragon Tincture has been consistently effective for pain, relaxation and insomnia. I start feeling the effects within a half hour and by the one hour mark a heavy dose is exactly where I need it to be to sleep through the night.

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