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* These 1g Hash Rollies are flattened and rolled to create a “joint” made entirely out of hash.  A true connoisseur treat!
* Hash Rollies are made from a blend of Dry Sift Kif and Ice Water Hash.  Each order is for a single Hash Rollie (1 gram in weight).
* All of our Hash Rollies are made from ORGANIC flowers and contain NO paper, binders, or additives.
* Also known as Hash Roll-Ups, Super Hash Joints, or Hash Sticks.
* Strains are available if listed in the drop-down menu.


GOD BUD – Indica Hybrid
Pain relief, relaxation, stress relief.  Sleep aid, anti-depressant, euphoric.  Appetite aid.
God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk

Chronic pain relief, stress relief, daytime relaxation.  May ease social anxiety, cramps, and muscle spasms.  Uplifting, creative, cerebral.  Mellow – may induce couch lock. 

VALHALLA – Hybrid – High CBD / Low THC
Chronic pain relief, relaxation, stress relief.  Anti-spasticity, arthritis relief, cramp relief.  Calming, mellow, tranquil. 
Cannatonic (AC/DC Pheno) x Sky Dragon


** The Hash Rollies are hollow.  It is NOT RECOMMENDED to fill the hollow part with flower, or with anything else.  This may cause the Hash Rollie to burn unevenly.
** DO NOT light the Hash Rollie while inhaling.  Light it away from your face, then inhale only after the flame is extinguished.  The Rollie will continue to burn.  There is a RISK OF BURNING YOURSELF if you light it while inhaling, as the flame could travel up the inside of the tube.  Ouch!
** Be very careful when removing the plastic straw cover (they are slit lengthwise).  Gently unwrap the straw to ensure the Hash Rollie does not break.
** When done with your session, gently roll the burning ember in an ash tray to remove it.  Do not stub it out or it will be crushed.
 Once cooled, carefully re-wrap the Hash Roll-Up in its straw cover, or purchase one of our Doob Tubes  for storage.

** Click here to see a video of the “SUPER HASH JOINT” in action!

Weight 1 g

Autumn Blend, Black Mamba, Black Mamba / California Orange, Crown Royale, Girl Guide Cookies, God Bud (Indica Hybrid), God x AK-47, Grease Monkey (Indica Hybrid), Halloween Blend, Hempstar, Hempstar / California Orange, Hempstar / Girl Guide Cookies, Hempstar / God x AK-47, Hempstar / Gorilla Glue #4, Hempstar / Gorilla Glue #4 / California Orange, Hempstar / White Widow, King Tut (Tutankhamon), New Year's Blend, Purple God, Purple Kush, Rockstar, Solstice Blend, Strawberry Jelly x Banana OG (Hybrid), Valhalla (Hybrid – High CBD), White Widow

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