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* This Organic Healing Salve is made with 100% Organic Ingredients: Okanagan sun-grown OG Kush Cannabis Flowers, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Arnica, Calendula, Balm of Gilead, Frankincense, Bulgarian Lavender, Love!
* Organic OG Kush flowers have been infused into Organic cold-pressed virgin Coconut Oil, then blended with Organic Healing Herbs to create this beautiful Healing Salve.  We are pleased to bring this high-quality medicine to our members!
* This Organic Healing Salve can be used topically to treat skin, muscle, and joint ailments.  For wound treatment, apply a small amount of the Healing Salve onto a bandage, then adhere the medicated bandage to the wound.
* High in THC.  Good for muscle aches, bruises, joint and tendon care, dry skin, dry/cracked lips, pain relief, relaxation, stress relief, and sleep.  May provide mild euphoria and/or mild psycho activity.
** For External Use Only **


15ml, 25ml, 50ml

2 reviews for Organic Healing Salve

  1. BM (verified owner)

    Works well for psoriasis! I have tried so many products for my skin condition… Most did very little to improve the situation. I tried everything from the health store, drug store and doctor. This is the first product that ever solved my problem. A particularly stubborn patch of psoriasis – which I have been wrestling with for almost a year – actually cleared up completely, in under a week and it has yet to come back (it has been a couple weeks…longest my skin has stayed clear since I was a child). I’m certain this salve would work for other skin problems as well. This is a lovely product… Worth every penny and a little goes a long way! I have not had another flare up since I used this salve – which I find miraculous, since I had been trying to clear it up for such a long time. I firmly believe that cannabis works with my immune system, instead of working against it as so many products do. This salve is truly incredible and I highly recommend it.

  2. SD (verified owner)

    MAn this stuff is AWESOME it clears up all sorts of skin problems I was a bit hesitant at first but it was way easier of a decision to get this rather than go wait 2 hrs for a dr in a walk in clinic only to be prescribed multiple things that don’t work and cost a lot so thanks – where can I buy this by the bucketfull? LOL

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